Mystic Scribblers – RAY CARAGHER & DEB LAUBACH

Be forewarned: It may reveal the reasons for the scars left on your heart from your past relationships…
A Twisted Series will take you on a journey with Grant, Ginger, Lyla, and Aksel as they discover what connections they have with each other—and their past lives. Love is lost and found again—and again and again. This series is set in a myriad of times and places spanning throughout the twentieth century. Each installment focuses on a sexy love story across several lifetimes, proving that true love is ageless.
“Twisted in Time by Ray Caragher and Deb Laubach is not your average Romance Novel. It has all the right ingredients of the genre, including some very steamy hot and romantic sex. It also has a beautifully told story that takes the reader into separate worlds and places in time. The characters here are believable and consistent throughout. And we find ourselves grounded in every scene by the authors’ attention to detail and use of all the senses to place us in the moment. This is a page-turner. I can’t wait for the next one…”
—Michele, MFA Creative Writing – Cape Cod, MS

Grant Robinson is a successful head designer at a time when most private-label houses in the garment industry struggle to stay alive. By unforeseen, twisted circumstances, he is reunited with Ginger Madison, a model he met early in his career. As they partner on a billion-dollar project, they both begin to experience vivid dreams of tragic lovers torn apart by the ravages of war. Are these scenes glimpses into their past lives, or are they going insane? And what will these revelations do to their newly formed relationship and blooming careers?
Tumble and fall with Grant and Ginger in a love story that spans multiples cities, including New York, Chicago, London, and Paris, and several lifetimes as they discover why true love survives – even in death.


In 1944 England, Lieutenant Thomas Smith, a young American bomber pilot, has flown 20 dangerous missions with only 5 left to complete his tour of duty. Each day, death and destruction surround him as he watches his fellow air men get wounded or die in action. It’s a constant reminder of how fragile life is.

On leave in the quaint village of Bassingbourn, Thomas falls madly in love with beautiful Rachel Smythe. They are immediately drawn to each other, as if they’ve known each other in past lives.

As his next mission draws near, their new love is at stake. They try desperately to discover if true love can transcend—even death.


Five years have passed since Grant and Ginger reconnected and discovered their past life relationship. Their private-label garment venture has become an international success and they’re on top of the world. However, when Lyla, Grant’s college-bound daughter from his previous marriage, moves in with the couple in New York City, things are shaken up. As time passes, Lyla becomes increasingly complicated and spins wildly out of control, especially when Sarah Gilman, one of Grant’s old lovers, reenters the scene. To make matters worse, Aksel Portier, Grant’s business partner’s son and a confidant, drives Lyla further away.
Previous rock-steady relationships are threatened and begin to crumble due to newly discovered past life recollections coupled with a shocking twist in everyone’s reality.




Have you ever experienced what may be referred to as a déjà vu or have you met someone you feel immediately connected to? Is it possible that your mind is connecting to a long-lost memory buried within your soul? A message from the past?
We, the authors of A Twisted Series, believe the “soul” or the “essence” of a human being is eternal.
Since the beginning of civilization, every philosophy believes that humans have a soul. The question remains, however, where do souls go once they leave the body? What are your thoughts? Share with us…
Consider how bountiful the memories are within our souls—a history of every lifetime stored in a single place, awaiting to be rediscovered.
Time is a relative concept by which we measure life. We tend to look at life in three categories: the Past; the Present; the Future.
We leave you to ponder this thought, remembering two main concepts:
Time is relative; the soul is eternal.
Indulge your mind, body, and soul into A TWISTED SERIES—a journey of that which may have been.