Past Lives

Past Life Phenomenon

We believe in and have a shared interest in past lives. Throughout the years of our friendship, we would swap stories about what we thought may have been past life experiences. Detailed events aside, we always circled back to things that cannot be substantiated or explained scientifically:
  • Why is it that some people you have an immediate connection to, good or bad—sometimes without a word being spoken?
  • Why do certain places feel familiar even though you’ve never been there or even seen a photograph?
  • Why are we drawn to certain uncharacteristic activities, careers, or interests?
And personally speaking, why did we “click” so easily the first time we met, including our families? And then why did circumstances bring about an opportunity to pick right back up where we left off when we began writing together (interestingly enough, about past lives)? We often feel we have been together in past lives…

Life Only Has Beginnings,
Ray and Deb