A Twisted Series

Praise for Twisted in Time:

“…a nonstop tumultuous love affair…” – Natalie Griffiths ★★★★★

“…a remarkable love story with many twists and thrills…” – Kindle Customer ★★★★★

“…hot sexy and heartwarming…” – Jen Seminara ★★★★★

What if you discovered true love…

…but it was in another lifetime?

Could Ginger find him again?

In the cut-throat world of high fashion, Ginger was a stunning beauty. When transitioning from modeling to fashion design proved a greater challenge than she’d expected, there wasn’t time for romance.

Then she met Grant.

He liked her ideas.

This billion-dollar venture would take their best efforts. From New York to London and Paris, they worked non-stop. Each ensemble had to be perfect. Would she let her attraction to him get in the way?

Why did it feel like she knew Grant?

The first kiss sparked more than a passion…

…a love to last?

You’ll love this steamy past life romance because both story lines (past and present) are woven together beautifully.


Have you ever experienced what may be referred to as a déjà vu or have you met someone you feel immediately connected to? Is it possible that your mind is connecting to a long-lost memory buried within your soul? A message from the past?