A Twisted Series

Twisted in Time: She finally knew forever existed… (A Twisted Series Book 1)

Ginger Madison, a beautiful model is attempting to transition her career into fashion design. She discovers that the man she’s in love with has no intentions of keeping his promises he made to her on any level. Her hopes of a happily ever after and her dreams of being a fashion designer are dashed.

By an unexpected twist of circumstances, she is reintroduced to Grant Robinson, a handsome fashion designer whom she met earlier in her career. Grant too has struggled in love, but he has never forgotten their brief encounter from so many years before. He followed her career from afar, but never dreamt he would end up working with her in New York City.

Ginger struggles to trust Grant, at first, while they partner on a clothing line which has the potential to become a very successful business venture. As time passes, they find themselves consumed with each other and begin a hot and steamy love affair that neither has ever experienced before. Is it too good to be true? She wonders what cosmic tumblers have clicked to draw them together again.

Tumble and fall with Ginger and Grant in a sexy love story that spans more than one lifetime as they travel through Chicago, New York, London, and Paris.

A Lost Romance Found: Five more missions before forever begins… (A Twisted Series Book 2)

In 1944 Rachel Smythe, a young beautiful Brit who suffered the loss of love, has promised herself that she will never fall in love again. Fate has a different plan, for when she meets Tommy Smith, a young American bomber pilot, they are drawn to each other instantly. A hot, steamy, and deeply emotional romance erupts like neither of them had ever imagined possible.

It is wartime and they experience death and destruction all around them. And as Tommy flies each of his missions, they realize that beating the odds of keeping their love alive is really what’s at stake. Now all they can do is hope that true love will conquer all and transcend everything – even death.

A Twisted Reality: Is forever real or just in fairy tales… (A Twisted Series Book 3)

Five years have passed since Grant and Ginger reconnected and discovered their past life relationship. Their private-label garment venture has become an international success and they’re on top of the world. However, when Lyla, Grant’s college-bound daughter from his previous marriage, moves in with the couple in New York City, things are shaken up. As time passes, Lyla becomes increasingly complicated and spins wildly out of control, especially when Sarah Gilman, one of Grant’s old lovers, reenters the scene. To make matters worse, Aksel Portier, Grant’s business partner’s son and a confidant, drives Lyla further away.

Previous rock-steady relationships are threatened and begin to crumble due to newly discovered past life recollections coupled with a shocking twist in everyone’s reality.